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Deeds Family Line

The 1st Generation of the DEEDS family.
DEEDS, John Andreas, born 1823 in TN.
       {most likely Carter Co,TN.}
       Most likely died between the years of 1851-1853.
 wife- GUNTER,Lavina born 1823 in TN.Died Mar.23,1906
       in McCulloch Co, TX.Levina is buried next to her
       2nd husband Caleb JONES.Levina is the daughter of
       Thomas & Mary Ann {MOORE} GUNTER John & Lavina
       were married in TN. 
       NOTE: Lavina's first name begins the letter "T".
       Lavina is her middle name. Listed this way on 
       her headstone " T. Lavina JONES.
 son- DEEDS, William L., born Jan.30,1845 in TN.,died 
      June 22, 1848 in TN.
 son- DEEDS, Thomas Montique,born May 16,1846 Carter Co,TN.
 son- DEEDS, James Riley,born Dec. 18, 1849 Carter Co, TN.

The 2nd Generation of the DEEDS family.
DEEDS, Thomas Montique (Mont}, died 1930 in Logan Co, AR.
 wife- BRANDON, Nancy Jane, born Jan.8, 1844 in AL.
       Married on Jan.8, 1868 in Logan Co, AR.
       Died 1927 in Logan Co, AR.
       Nancy is the daughter of Phillip and 
       Elizabeth {CHILDRESS} BRANDON.
 son- DEEDS, Allen- married Minnie
 son- DEEDS, James Carter,b.Jan.19,1869 Delaware,Logan Co,AR.
 dau- DEEDS, Temperance, born Dec.28, 1870 Delaware
 son- DEEDS, Jasper Allen, born July 17, 1873 Delaware
 son- DEEDS, Caleb Monroe, born Jan.14, 1876 Delaware
 son- DEEDS, Ralph M.,born Dec.1877, Deleware
 dau- DEEDS, Melinda Canzady, born Oct.27, 1878 Delaware
 son- DEEDS, John Larkin, born Feb.13,1881 Logan Co, AR.
 son- DEEDS, Thomas William Hamilton, b. Aug.1,1884 Delaware
 son- DEEDS, Marion Ebe, born Mar.19, 1888 Delaware

The 3rd Generation of the DEEDS family.
DEEDS,Caleb Monroe {Roe},died June 14, 1962 
      Dardanelle, Yell Co, AR.
      Roe married a total of 7 times, I will list the 
      only 2 marriages that had children.
 wife- COX, Maye born May 1883 in Logan or Yell Co,AR. 
      married circa 1908 in AR.,
      May died Feb.5,1916 in Holla Bend, Yell, AR.
 son- DEEDS, Walter Clarence {Uncle Pumpkin} born
      Oct.4,1909 Delaware,Logan Co, AR.
 dau- DEEDS, Bonnie born Mar.18,1913 in Holla Bend,Yell Co,AR.
DEEDS, Caleb Monroe, married CLARA circa 1915/1916 in AR.,
 Clara died after 1962 in AR.
 dau- DEEDS, Angie, born 1916 in AR.{most likely Logan Co, AR.}
 dau- DEEDS, Vertie born Nov.23, 1919 in AR.
 {most likely Logan Co, AR.}

The 4th Generation of the DEEDS family.
DEEDS, Bonnie died March 22, 1996 in Moses Lake, Grant Co, WA.
 husband- CARR, William Henry, born Oct.10, 1907 in  
 Hectar,Independence Twp.,Russellville, Pope Co, AR., died
 July 4, 1967 in St. Louis, MO.
 son- CARR, Arlie, born 1929 in Pottsville, Pope Co, AR.
 son- CARR, Jimmy Leon, born Dec.16, 1933 in 
           LaPanto, Poinsett Co,AR.
           Died Dec.21, 1990 in Moses Lake, Grant Co, WA.

NOTE: GUNTER, Lavina married a Caleb JONES after John DEEDS died.
They had a son named Jehu JONES, born in Logan Co, AR.

NOTE: DEEDS, Bonnie married Earnest LINDSEY after William Henry 
{Bill} died.

NOTE: As mentioned above Caleb Monroe DEEDS married a
 total of 7 times, 1st to Maye COX, 
2nd to Nancy, 3rd to Clara, 
4th & 5th to a different Nancy- divorced and remarried her,
 a 6th to a Pauline, the 7th is unknown to me.
Theses DEEDS Families also have connection to TN.
If anyone has any information on these families please
email me. I fell there must a connection to these DEEDS
families and my own DEEDS family.

1}Michael DEEDS married Jean CARROLL on
Feb.7,1815 Carter Co, TN. Michael's father is Charles DEEDS.

2}Jacob DEEDS married Siner WYATT on
July 22, 1809 Carter Co, TN.

3}Viney DEEDS married Thomas O'Henley on
July 17, 1833 Carter Co, TN.

4}Angeline K. DEEDS born Feb.2,1831 in Carter Co, TN.
Married 3 times, Jacob COFFELT, Henry LAYLE, and
William H.H. TYLER.

5}John T. DEEDS married Esther PEEL on
Aug.12,1840 in Henry Co, TN.


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