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Keith's Corner

                 Our family surname for KEITH begins with:

1st Generation of KEITHS:

KEITH, William James, born 1809 Nelson Co, KY., married on Apr.9, 1834
       in Washington Co, MO. to 
wife-COUNTS, Melissa Elizabeth, born 1816 in Grainger Co, TN.,died
       1895 in Cuba, Crawford Co, MO.the daughter of John Adam COUNTS 
       and Nancy CARROLL.
son-KEITH, James Peter born Mar.3, 1836 in Goodwater, Iron Co, MO.
       died Dec.21, 1923 in Quaker, MO.
dau-KEITH, Rebecca Elizabeth, born 1838 in Washington Co, MO.
dau-KEITH, Nancy Agnes, born June 14, 1842 in MO.

NOTE:{ William divorced Melissa Elizabeth COUNTS in 1846 and left
       for California with the 49ers for the Gold Rush, there are
       2 family rumors for his death, no documentation however}.
NOTE:{ Melissa Elizabeth COUNTS was married 4 times, 1st to a 
       Mr.BREWER no children, 2nd to William James KEITH, 3rd to 
       William WILLHITE, SR. who she 6 children by, and 4th to
       Andrew WOODRUFF-no children.}

2nd Generation of KEITHS:
1st marriage for James Peter KEITH:

KEITH, James Peter, born Mar.3, 1836 in MO.
wife-THOMPSON, Emma, born in MO.
dau-KEITH, Amanda M., born 1862 in Goodwater, Iron Co, MO.
dau-KEITH, Rose Elizabeth, born 1864 in Goodwater, Iron Co, MO.

2nd marriage for James Peter KEITH:
KEITH, James Peter KEITH, born Mar.3, 1836 in MO.
wife-BURRIS, Mary E.

3rd marriage for James Peter KEITH:

KEITH, James Peter, born Mar.3,1836 in Goodwater, Iron Co, MO., died
       Dec,21,1923 in Quaker, MO., married Mar.24, 1867 Iron Co, MO. 
wife-McCLAIN, Mariah J. born 1838 in Washington Co, MO., the daughter
       of Franklin M.McCLAIN and Rebecca COUNTS.
son-KEITH, James Henry, born June 1868 in Elvins, St.Francois Co, MO.
son-KEITH, John Franklin, born Aug.14,1869 Elvins, St.Francois Co,MO.
dau-KEITH, Mary Polly, born July 30, 1873 Elvins, St.Francois Co,MO.
son-KEITH, Andrew Jackson, born 1875 in MO.
dau-KEITH, Nancy Elizabeth, born May 25 ,1877 in Iron Co, MO.

3rd Generation of KEITHS:

KEITH, James Henry, born June 1868 in Goodwater, Iron Co, MO., died
       1918 in Pitcher, OK., married in 1896 to
wife-CLARK, Mary Elizabeth born Mar.1881 in MO., died circa 1956 MO.
son-KEITH, Raymond, born Sept.1898 in Deloges, St.Francois Co, MO.
dau-KEITH, Lilly Gertrude, born Aug.7,1902 Deloges, St.Francois Co,MO.
dau-KEITH, Bessie Blanche, born Aug.1,1907 Deloges, St.Francois Co,MO.
dau-KEITH, Hattie Buelah, born May 17,1903 in Webb City, Barton Co,MO

NOTE: { Mary Elizabeth Clark was married to William REID after James Henry KEITH died, they had a daughter Susan Estelle Reid born Mar.
1881 in MO., after William REID died Mary Elizabeth CLARK married her brother-in-law Jacl Albert MIDGETT}

4th Generation of KEITHS:

KEITH,Lilly Gertrude, born Aug.7,1902 in Deloges, St.Francois Co, MO.
      died Mar.7, 1976 in St. Louis, MO., married Jan.13,1917 in
      Webb City, Barton Co, MO. to
husband-LUSTER, Clarence Issom, born Aug.27, 1896 in Salem, Dent Co.
      MO., died Mar.7,1956 in St. Louis, MO., the son of Joseph F.
      LUSTER and Emmeline Katherine MOTSINGER.
son-LUSTER, James Edward, born Sept.24,1920 Elvins,St.Francois Co,MO.
son-LUSTER,Jesse Lorraine, born Elvins, St.Francois Co, MO.
son-LUSTER, Isom Junior, born July 27, 1925 Elvins, St.Francois Co,MO.
dau-LUSTER, Mary Katherine Irene, born Nov.25, 1926 Elvins, St.
      Francois Co, MO.
son-LUSTER, Paul Eugene Sr., born Elvins, St. Francois Co, MO.

NOTE:{ Lilly Gertrude KEITH, married 2nd to Emmett Harry BURNS in
       1945, and 3rd to Irving GREY in 1954, no children by either
        of them.}

This is where the KEITHS meet up with the LUSTER family line. I have listed only the direct faily line for the purpose of space, if you have a connection to the KEITH line email for I have more information on other KEITH family members as well


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