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Lane Family

  My Lane family starts with John Allen Lane.

John was born Jan. 8, 1872 in Missouri. The first record
I find him on is with the Jacob and Martha Deason family on 
the 1880 census for Liberty Township, Stoddard County, Missouri listed this way.

Head-Jacob Deason, born 1849 in IL.
Wife-Martha, born 1843 in MO.
Dau-Arminta,age 10, born 1870 in MO.
Adopted-Son-Lane, John Allen,age 8, born in MO.
Gillis, Joseph, age 26, born 1854 in MO.
Wife-Souisa, age 19, born 1861 in TN.

There was no relationship given for Joseph & Souisa Gillis on the census.
I do not know what relationship John Allen Lane is to the Deason family, are they his Aunt & Uncle, Cousin, or any blood relationship at all. Any help welcomed here.
I do know John's name was never legally changed and was born with the name of John Allen Lane.
Who are his Parents????????????

  John Allen Lane was born Jan.8,1872 in MO.
John died June 3,1933 in Dexter, Stoddard Co, MO.,
and buried in Ezell Cemetery, Dexter, Stoddard Co,MO.
John married  Lela Francis Chilton, Lela was born
Feb.11,1882 in Hollow Rock, Carroll Co, TN., the 
daughter Samuel Lafayette "Fate" Chilton and Martha
Jane Smith. Lela died March 15, 1957 in Dexter,
and is buried in Ezell Cemetery along side her
husband John Allen Lane. John & Lela had 5 children.
1. Irvine Elbert Lane
2. Ella L. Lane
3. Ruthie Mae Lane
4. Jack Loomis Lane
5. Vergie Reama Lane



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