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The Oregon Trail: Deaths of 1852.

 The following is a list of deaths occuring in 1852 on the
plains as reported Dec.18, 1852 by the OREGON STATESMAN at
Portland, Oregon: a list of persons who died on the plains
as reported to us by the immigrants who crossed the Cascade
Mountains, together with their former residence.

          NAME               RESIDENCE

ALLEN, Abner {wife of}       Pike Co, IL.
ALLEN, H.B.B.                Mason Co, IOWA
ALLEN, Lindsey               Jackson Co, MO.
ANDERSON, Charles            Shelby Co, IL.
ANDREWS, Josiah              Pike Co, IL.
ARNOLD, R.                   Platt Co, MO.
BAROWS, A. {an infant}       Lagrange Co, IND.
BEECH, Mrs. {wife ofBEECh, Denes}  IOWA
BERD, Thomas                 Iowa Co, IOWA
BIGHAM, Samuel M.            Platte Co, MO.
BIGHAM, Susan Ann            Platte Co, MO.
BRISTOE, Josephine E.        McDonough Co, IL.
BROWN, Louisa                Cane Co, Il.
BUFF, Elizabeth              Johnson Co, MO.
BUFF, John                   Platte Co, MO.
BUFF, M.                     Platte Co, MO.
BURGEN, Thomas               Platte Co, MO.
CAMBELL, C.R.                Lafayette Co, IL.
CAMBELL, Mary                Adams Co, IL.
CARTNER, Rebecca             Franklin Co, KY.
CLARK, J.D.                  Mason Co, IL.
COFFEY, C.T.C.{lost 2 children} Pike Co, IL.
COLE, John W.                Henry Co, IOWA
CRAM, F.                     Pike Co, IL.
CRIDER, Thomas               Miller Co, MO.
CROW, Christian              Pike Co, IL.
CROW, Elizabeth              Pike Co, IL.
CROW, Lucinda                Pike Co, IL.
CROW, Samuel T.              St. Charles Co, MO.
CROW, Susan C.               St. Charles Co, MO.
CRUSE, Henry                 Lafayette Co, IL.
DENISON, John                IOWA
DIMICK, Thomas               Shelby Co, IL.
DIVERS, Elizabeth T.         Pettis Co, MO.
DODSON, Rachel               Franklin Co, MO.
DOLBY, Herrod                Stark Co, IL.
DOLBY, Nancy                 Stark Co, IL.
DOLLEY, David                Nodway Co, MO.
DORETY, Mary                 Pike Co, IL.
DUNOWAY, Mary M.             Pike Co, IL.
DUPEERS, Mahaley             Cass Co, MO.
EAGAN, Margaret              Jackson Co, WISC.
EVANS, Ann                   Wappello Co, IOWA
EVANS, I.J.                  Andrew Co, IL.
EVANS, Robert W.             Platte Co, MO.
FINCH, Nancy                 Jackson Co, MO.
FLUVER, Jesse                Madison Co, IOWA
FLUVER, Rachel               Madison Co, IOWA
FOSTER, Thomas               Allegany Co, MD.
FREDRICKS, Sarah F.          Pike Co, IL.
GOODEL, Abel                 Knox Co, IL.
HALL, William                Cole Co, IL.
HARRIS, Mary & Child         Nodway Co, MO.
HASKINS, Charles             Henry Co, IOWA
HATFIELD, Nathaniel          IOWA
HENDERSON, Daniel            Buchanan Co, MO.
HENDERSON, Mary E.           Buchanan Co, MO.
HENDERSON, Middleton         Buchanana Co, MO.
HILL, F.                     Monroe Co, TN.
HOMES                        New York
HOPKINS, Martha              Michigan
HOSA, Nathaniel              Henry Co, IOWA
INGLE, Lemuel                Pike Co, IL.
INSPETER, John E.            IL.
JACKSON                      Bay Co, CANADA
JACKSON, W.E.                Rush Co, IND.
JOHNSON, David               WISC.
JOHNSON, Mary                Lafayette Co, MO.
JOHNSON, Z.                  Lafayette Co, MO.
JONES, John                  Atchinson Co, MO.
JONES, John wife & child     Pike Co, IL.
KELLISON, J.J.               IL.
KENNETT, A.F.                Lagrange Co, IND.
LANGSON, John                Johnson Co, MO.
LANGSON, Lucinda             Johnson Co, MO.
LANGSON, Martha              Johnson Co, MO.
LAWRENCE, W.L.               WISC.
LEGRET, E.                   Platte Co, MO.
LEWIS, David                 Platte Co, MO.
LINSEY, John                 Jackson Co, IOWA
LOGAN, B.                    Platte Co, MO.
LUSTER, Walter & wife        Andrew Co, IL.
LYNDAL, William              Henry Cop, IOWA
MAINE, John                  Hancock Co, IL.
MATHEWS, Elizabeth           Platte Co, IL.
MATHEWS, James               Platte Co, MO.
MATHEWS, Johnn               Platte Co, MO.
McCLAUGHEY, John             Salem, N.Y.
McCLAUGHEY, Susan            Salem, N.Y.
MEGEE, FRY P.                LaGrange Co, IND.
MEGEE, Jackson               Jackson Co, MO.
MILLER, Mary                 Davis Co, MO.
MOORE, Malinda               Chariton Co, MO.
MOORE, William J.            Chariton Co, MO.
MOOSER, Aaron                Henry Co, IOWA
MORGAN, Frances              Stark Co, IL.
MORGAN, Joseph               Cass Co, MO.
MORGAN, Leroy                Cass Co, MO.
MORGAN, Sarah E.             Cass Co, MO.
NELSON, John R.              Lafayette Co, IL.
NEWINGHAM, A.                Hancock Co, IL.
NIDER, Elizabeth Jane        Polk Co, MO.
NOBBLETT, Sarah              Ray Co, MO.
NORTON, Henry                Pike Co, MO.
PARKER, Y.                   Demoines Co, IOWA
PHIPPS, Albert               IOWA
PONDEXTER, Elizabeth         Carroll Co, MO.
PROUSE, Mary Jane            Johnson Co, MO.
RAINER, Henry                Pike Co, IL.
ROBERSON, Francis            Dean Co, WISC.
RUST, Martha                 IOWA
SAVAGE, Izza                 MICHIGAN
SCOTT, Mrs. {consort of SCOTT, I.T.} Taswell Co, IL.
SHAW, Joel F. {son of SHAW, Jefferson} Andrew Co, MO.
SHELLY, G.T.                 Jefferson Co, IOWA
SMITH, America               Knox Co, IL.
SMITH, E.                    Jackson Co, IOWA
SMITH, Elizabeth             Taylor Co, IL.
SMITH, Hiram                 Allegany Co, MD.
SMITH, William               Taylor Co, IL.
SMITH, Mary E.               Taylor Co, IL.
STANTON, William             Taylor Co, IL.
STAY, Miles                  Platte Co, MO.
STEPHENS, Mary               Demoines Co, IOWA
STORMES, Julia D.            Springfield, IL.
STRODE, Thomas A.            Clay Co, IL.
STUMBO, David                Demoines Co, IOWA
STUMBO, Catherine            Demoines Co, IOWA
SWAIN, James                 Demoines Co, IOWA
TAYLOR, A.                   Jackson Co, MO.
TAYLOR, William              Perry Co, MO.
THOMPSON                     Bay Co, CANADA
THOMPSON                     NEW YORK
TUCKER, John F.              Jackson Co, MO.
TULLY, William               Perry Co, MO.
TUPPER, Benjamin             Decalb Co, IL.
WALLACE, J.                  Pike Co, IL.
WALLACE, Martha Ann          Henry Co, IL.
WHITTEN, C.T.                Chester Co, IOWA
WILLIAMS, Manuel             McDonough Co, IL.
WILLIAM, Robert              WISC.
WILSON, John                 Platte Co, MO.
WISEMAN, John                Chariton Co, MO.

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