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The Wilson family line.

                       Wilson Lineage begins below.

1st Generation of Wilson's.

WILSON, Joseph, born 1830 in Miss, died after Feb.1899
        and before the 1900 censusin Miss, most likely              
        Choctaw Co, Miss., married
        unknown to the 1st. Mrs. WILSON.
wife,Name unknown, born unknown, died most likely in Miss.
son-WILSON, Albert, born 1851 in Miss.
son-WILSON, Calvin, born 1853 in Miss.
son-WILSON, James, born 1855 in Miss.
son-WILSON, John, born 1856 in Miss.
son-WILSON, William, born 1858 in Miss.
dau-WILSON, Martha, born 1861 in Miss.
son-WILSON, Robert W.,born Aug.6, 1866 in Choctaw Co, Miss.

2nd Marriage for Joseph WILSON.

WILSON, Joseph, born 1830 in Miss, died between 1890-1900
        most likely in Choctaw Co, Miss.
wife-KING, Drucilla, born May-1832 Tn., died after May-1900,
     married Dec.21,1877 in Bolivar Co, Miss.
son-WILSON, Mack, born Mar.1877  Choctaw Co, Miss.
dau-WILSON, Lillian A., born  Choctaw Co, Miss.
son-WILSON, Ezekial Joseph, born Mar.4,1881 Choctaw Co, Miss.
son-WILSON, Franklin Augusta, born Feb.3,1899 Choctaw Co, Miss.

2nd Generation of WILSON'S.

WILSON, Ezekial Joseph, born Mar.4,1881 in Choctaw Co, Miss,
        died 1927 in Choctaw Co,Miss, married Feb.22,1901
        in Choctaw Co, Miss. to.
wife-ORR, Carrie, born Nov.1886 Choctaw Co, Miss.died 
        1928 Choctaw Co, Miss.
dau-WILSON, Flora Bell, born  Choctaw Co, Miss.
dau-WILSON, Wilma, born in Choctaw Co, Miss.
dau-WILSON, May, born 1903 Choctaw Co, Miss.
son-WILSON, Joseph Perry, born June 16,1905  Choctaw Co, Miss.
dau-WILSON, Rosie Ada, born Nov.11,1907 Choctaw Co, Miss.
dau-WILSON, Lesie Lou, born Nov.1909 Choctaw Co, Miss.
son-WILSON, Elmer Carl, Sr., born Apr.28,1912 Choctaw Co, Miss.
son-WILSON, Wiley, born 1917 El Dorado, Union Co, Ark.
son-WILSON, Norman E, born June 5,1921 El Dorado, Union Co, Ark.
dau-WILSON, Effiere,born 1927 Choctaw Co, Miss.

3rd Generation on WILSON'S.

WILSON, Rosie Ada, born 1907 Choctaw Co, Miss, married
        1927 in Stewart, Montgomery Co, Miss. to
husband,KIMBLE. Floyd Wheaton, born Apr.2,1905 in Stewart,
        Montgomery Co, Miss, died Dec.13,1977 House Springs,
        Jefferson Co, Mo.
dau-KIMBLE, Ethel Lou, born Miss.
dau-KIMBLE, Cora Lee, born Miss.
son-KIMBLE, Calvin Cermage born Miss.
dau-KIMBLE, Floyd Wheaton, Jr. born Miss, died in Co.
dau-KIMBLE, Mary Jo, born in Miss.

Clara Luster

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