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Groom Family Line

                             GROOM FAMILY
My GROOM family begins with Samuel F. GROOM.

GROOM, Samuel F., was born Jan.15, 1802 in Caswell Co, NC.
       Samuel died July 6,1861 in Henry Co, TN., and is
       buried in GROOM Cemetery. He married on July 20,1824
       in Caswell Co, NC. to Francis MAYO SCOTT.
Wife-SCOTT, MAYO-Elizabeth, born Aug.7,1805 Caswell Co, NC.
       Francis died July 5,1852 in Henry Co, TN.,and also
       is buried in GROOM Cemetery. To this union nine
       children were born. They are.
1. Satira, born Caswell Co, NC.
2. Eliza Ann, born 1828 Caswell Co, NC.
3. Thomas, born 1831 caswell Co, NC.
4. Samuel M., born 1833 Caswell Co, NC.
5. Francis, born Oct.4,1836 Caswell Co, NC.
6. Mary, born 1837 caswell Co, NC.
7. James M., born 1839 Caswell Co, NC.
8. Martha, born 1842 Caswell Co, NC.
9. Sophia A., born Aug. 18, 1846 Caswell Co, NC.

After Aug. 18, 1846 when his daughter Sophia was born 
and before Nov. 20, 1850 when the census for the county 
was taken, Samuel had moved his family there.
Here is the 1850 census for Samuel's family.

1850 Henry County, 3rd civil district, taken Nov.20,1850.
Head-GROOM, Samuel, age 57, farmer, 400, born NC.
Wife- Francis, age 48, born NC.
Son- Thomas, age 19, farmer, born NC.
Son- Samuel, age 17, farmer, born NC.
Dau- Francis, age 15, attends school, born NC.
Dau- Mary, age 13, attends school, born NC.
Son- James, age 11, attends school, born NC.
Dau- Martha, age 8, born NC.
Dau- Sohpia, age 5, born NC.

The census does not list Satira or Eliza Ann,
Satira had married David WALKER on Sept, 30, 1845 in 
Caswell Co, NC. Eliza Ann had married on Dec.10, 1842
in Caswell Co, NC., to Alfred CHILTON.-MY LINE.
Alfred CHILTON also moved his family to TN, only
they moved to Hollow Rock, Carroll Co, TN.
After Francis died Samuel married a 2nd time to
Elizabeth M. BAULDWIN, Elizabeth died July 4, 1896
and is also buried in GROOM Cemetery, Henry Co, TN.

Samuel F. GROOM'S will does list all his children 
by thier names, Samuel wrote his will on June 26, 1861
he died one month later July 26, 1861 Henry CO, TN.

Caswell Co, NC. Marriage Records lists:
Samuel F. GROOM & Francis  SCOTT, July 20,1824.
Eliza Ann GROOM & Alfred CHILTON, Dec.10,1842.
Satira GROOM, & David WALKER, Sept.30,1845.

From Eliza Ann GROOM & Alfred CHILTON starts my
CHILTON Family line.

I have been given the name of Samuel F. GROOM parents
and siblings from other researchers. I personally have 
not verified this information yet, except for the marriage
record for Zachariah GROOM & Elizabeth WYATT.
Parents are:
Zachariah GROOM & Elizabeth WYATT.
Middlesex Co, VA., Christ's Church Parish Records does list:
Zachariah GROOM & Elizabeth WYATT daughter of Peter WYATT,
married on May 28, 1789 in Middlesex Co, VA.
Children for this couple are:
1. M.J., male
2. Carter, born 1794 Middlesex Co, VA.
3. William
4. James
5. Thomas born 1795 Caswell Co, NC.
6. Nancy
7. Samuel, born 1802 Caswell Co, NC.
8. Henry
9. Elizabeth
10. Robert
11. Mary
12. Isabelle
13. Dolphia


If anyone can add anything to this family please email me.
Thanks, Clara
Updated last Dec-2000

Clara Luster

United States