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Clara's Genealogy

  Our main interest is in genealogy, the purpose of our
homepage is to share genealogy names and research, I have 
added many of our family surname lines and several
other links that maybe of help to other researchers as well.

Below is the poem: 
The Native 10 Commandments:
I have dedicated this poem in the memory of
Richard Simon Ames 1917-1992,who was a Sioux Indian.

Native American 10 Commandments:
1}.The earth is our Mother, care for her.
2}.Honor all your relations.
3}.Open your Heart and Soul to the Great Spirit.
4}.All life is Sacred: treat all beings with respect.
5}.Take from the Earth what is needed and nothing more.
6}.Do what needs to be done for the Good of all.
7}.Give constant Thanks to the Great Spirit for each new day.
8}.Speak the Truth; but only of the Good in others.
9}.Follow the rhythms of Nature; rise and retire with the sun.
10}.Enjoy life's journey, but leave no tracks.

      Follow the link  Clara's Genealogy Page below to access 
      our family information.


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My Snazzy List of Links

Clara's Geneaolgy Page.
Surnames & Research Links.
Kindred Konnections
Genealogy Research Site.


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